Kurdistan of Iraq

JUNE 2013

As in Palestine in 2011, this tour was organized by the Institut Français (in Arbil, Iraq) with the goal of bringing the French « Fête de la Musique » (Music Day) to the country. A concert as well as several studio sessions (for writing, beat production, and scratch) were originally planned in Baghdad, however due to security measures, they only could perform in Süleymaniye and Arbil, which were both happy to take the artist in. The concert in Baghdad will definitely happen another time since the group not only wants to bring their music and energy to the Baghdadi people, but also to film scenes for their next clip, “Danger,” from their latest EP, “Contre Temps.” After having proven himself in Colombia with his new group’s configuration, Pih Poh was able to grab the attention of the Kurdish public with ease. Never before had a hip-hop group performed in Arbil. That didn’t prove to be a problem at all for Pih Poh, in fact, it was quite the opposite. This grand premiere was an intense experience as much for the public as the group itself.

Covered by the national Kurdish TV, the second concert at Süleymaniye caused a stir within the city. Their warm reception from the public created a unique atmosphere . To avoid going against tradition, a 26-minute documentary is currently being edited by cameraman Djé du net. In this film you’ll find the best moments of this adventure in Kurdistan.

Trailer for the 26-minute Kurdistan Tour documentary.



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