2006, 2007, 2009, 2012

The country known for its love of soccer has also become a second home for Pih Poh. The connection was made in Paris in 2006 when Pih Poh first heard Paporeto, a Brazilian singer with whom the connection was instantaneous.
Since 2006, there have been four tours throughout the country, including the cities of Curitiba, Camboriú, Florianópolis, Brasília, and above all, Rio de Janeiro, the native city of his Brazilian friend.
It is through these tours that Pih Poh has developed a strong connection with the neighborhood “Moro de Econtro,” home of his « sound brother » Paporeto, to the point that he began to learn the language and created the single “Frances Carioca.”

From neighborhood to neighborhood, from stage to stage, the artist criss-crossed the roads of Brazil for several weeks before having the honor of performing at the “Circo Voador,” the legendary and unmissable stage in Rio, situated in the heart of the Lapa arts district. For his performances, Pih Poh was accompanied by renowned local DJs including DJ Naomi, DJ Ploc, DJ Soneca, DJ Saci, among others. His group’s next project here is to collaborate with local artists to put on “Hip Hop Live” – a full Franco-Brazilian show. He also hopes to meet and record directly with local children [how old is jeunesse?] in schools and youth organizations.


Clip live Circo Voador , Rio