JUNE 2011

Following the town-twinning between Belfort, the artist’s hometown, and Jerusalem, a week-long tour in Palestine was organized, the goal of which was to bring the French Fête de la Musique (french street music festival, on june 21st) to the area. It is also here that Pih Poh performed with former members of his entourage “Les joueurs de Pih Poh,” who come from the jazz and rock scene. The mix of genres, always led by the flow, words, and phrasing of Pih Poh, was well received by the audience. This first experience abroad with other musicians helped Pih Poh realize that the energy and electricity brought to a show is essential in breaking down the language barrier.

Their first concert in Ramallah took place on the outskirts of the town, whereas in Jerusalem and Bethlehem, they had played within the French cultural centers (Instituts Francais). In Naplouse and Hebron they were hosted by universities in performance halls and ampitheatres.

Upon his return, a 52-minute documentary was made by his cameraman Djé du net, which was met with great success. It was shown at Belfort’s local cinema, to a packed theatre.

In light of the tour’s success, a second trip to Kurdistan saw the light of day in 2013.

Only a year later, the hip-hop group from Gaza, Palestinian Unit, was invited to perform as a part of the FIMU (International College Music Festival) which takes place in Belfort every year. Pih Poh shut himself in the studio with them at the Poudrière, the local performance hall and hotspot for local musicians, in order to create previously unreleased tracks which would come to be shared twice during the festival itself.



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