The project

Music is a universal language, and Pih Poh aims to prove it. Journeys to various cities and countries abroad have only strengthened his belief in this fact. A young French rapper coming out of the Hip-Hop movement, Pih Poh intends to share his music with the world. Transcending the language barrier with ease, Pih Poh and his musicians are igniting stages all around the world with their explosive live shows.

The drive to offer diverse audiences a festive, high-energy musical experience quenches his thirst for travel, exchange and cooperation abroad. For Pih Poh and his musicians, the relationship with the audience comes first, as he willingly tears down the fourth wall. This interaction is vitally important, as the band often performs for populations who have had little or no opportunity to see a live concert before. Aside from his audience, Pih Poh continues to cultivate this cultural exchange in the form of recording sessions, collaborations and on-stage appearances with local artists.

Before packing, Pih Poh does his research. While hoping to leave themselves open to surprise, the members of the band make sure to learn as much of the history and culture of their host country as they can. It’s with great humility and thirst for discovery that Pih Poh assumes the role of ambassador from his home country to the four corners of the world, while at the same time being careful to bring back and incorporate the impressions left by other cultures and other languages abroad. Thanks to Djé du Net, his right hand man who serves as his onboard camera, Pih Poh can share his experiences in video form.